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Locksmith workshop


Locksmith workshop

In most cases, the preparation of the material itself takes longer than the welding itself. To achieve a quality weld, the material to be welded must be well prepared for welding. It is sufficient to remove defects, rid the welded surfaces of dirt, grease, rust and prepare the correct shape for the intended type of weld. Material cutting includes all processes (technologies) in which material is separated in order to obtain a semi-finished product for further processing or to obtain a nearly finished part. Material preparation is the first operation for further processing. This may be followed by bending processes, welding, etc.


In these technological processes, one of the following technologies is used.
● Shearing
● Cutting
● 2D and 3D laser cutting of the material

CNC bending.
The specific method of material cutting is often predetermined by the nature of the parts, the number of pieces to be produced.