Development and design, Material preparation and cutting, Welding, Surface treatment, Assembly, Quality control, Shipping



Pallet production not only for the automotive industry

We produce special pallets not only for the automotive industry for easier handling and storage. Pallets can be used for manual use as well as on automated lines. We can produce customized pallets for any components (interior and exterior parts).

Pallet development

When developing an individual pallet, we work out a complete design solution based on the customer’s needs.

Use of pallets:

Pallets are used for storage, handling and safe transportation, in addition to easy handling of individual components, we also guarantee the long service life of our products.

Type of pallets

  • intermediate pallets
  • transport pallets
  • warehouse pallets
  • obotic stacking pallets

Manufacture of metal products and structures

In our plant in Žilina we provide production of all types of steel structures. We offer comprehensive solutions for your projects in the field of locksmith production and metal fabrication. This means that according to your ideas and requirements we will prepare technical (drawing) documentation for approval. We will select the appropriate production technology for the manufacture of the product through surface treatment, assembly, up to the handover of the complete work. We will provide you with a professional implementation of each order.

The production halls cover an area of 5,000 m2 and are equipped with the latest technology. Production is managed in accordance with standards and approved welding procedures. Our workers have the necessary professional authorizations.

Production quality is monitored according to customer-approved inspection and test plans. The production program of single-purpose machines and equipment is exclusively custom-made – we approach each order individually based on your requirements. When consulting with you, we use our many years of experience in the production of single-purpose machinery and equipment. By selecting high-quality materials and components as well as perfect workmanship during the production process, we achieve high utility properties of the machines and equipment for you. Our emphasis is on easy handling, cleaning and maintenance of machines and equipment. Production is either according to your drawings or after creating your own documentation according to your ideas and requirements.

We offer:

  • Special constructions for industry and construction made of steel
  • Doors, gates (swing, sliding)
  • Fences
  • Railings
  • Staircase structures
  • Shelters
  • Custom steel welding (MIG, MAG)

2D and 3D laser cutting

We offer cooperation in the production of your steel parts on high quality modern machines. We process the material on modern 2D and 3D laser cutting machines. Laser burned parts have tolerance and cut quality at a very high level. Laser cutting is fast, accurate and laser-baked parts are more perfect than when processed by other methods.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can design and implement your modifications in a short time. We know how important it is to transfer changes and new requirements from the customer immediately into production. At Knikov Ltd we are ready to respond flexibly and work closely with you.


Several years of experience of our employees in the production of multibags and textile inserts allow us to produce any type of these products. Textile inserts provide perfect protection against damage to the product during transport. Also multibags made of canvas, Tyvek, Evolon or non-woven fabrics of different weights protect automotive products when stored on pallets.

In our workshop you will find everything from simple industrial sewing machines to embroidery machines. These machines are operated by professionals who are at your disposal according to your requirements. Simply make a request or a non-binding enquiry and we can get started. We also carry out minor modifications and repairs to already finished products.


  • cutting for the automotive industry
  • sewing of shipping boxes for the automotive industry
  • sewn textile inserts – shipping boxes for the protection of abrasion sensitive components

Automotive Plastic Packaging

For the automotive industry we offer a wide range of products in combination with a variety of materials. Based on the 3D models or other forms of data you send us, we are able to design the appropriate packaging for the part in question, so that shelf life and economic return are as optimal as possible. For larger parts, plastic packaging with pallet and lid, including a removable center box section, is available. These boxes are offered in several standard sizes. Fabric or foam fixings can be fitted as required. Textile sliding fixation with the possibility to divide the individual floors in the box. For smaller parts, the application of KLT boxes or classic crates is particularly suitable. Again it is possible to use from a range of standard dimensions. These boxes are most often combined with a textile fixation, which is attached to the box with Velcro. Foam and plastic liners can also be used.

Custom packaging is very convenient. We are able to produce this type of packaging exactly according to your requirements and ideas. This packaging can replace any non-standard dimension for KLT boxes. Again, a wide range of variations are available with overlays etc.